Monday, May 22, 2006

14: T-Minus 12

Only twelve days to go, no time to re-read and memorise McKee, Field, Vogler, Aristotle et al.

So instead, here's a useful link for all the novitiates taking part in the fourteen day extravaganza, kindly provided by the folks at Celtx:

A Crash Course in Screenwriting.

Category: Writing


  1. Think I'm gonna take the plunge and join up. I work really slowly so it should be the kick up the backside I need. Good luck to ya!

  2. Glad to have you on board, O.R. Now stop hanging around the 'hood and start outlining - only ten (oh, boy)days left!

    See you in the support group...

  3. So what particular genre will you be tackling in the challenge Lee?

  4. I've got a scenario pretty much worked out that falls under the contemporary fantasy umbrella. Think Neverwhere, A Fine and Private Place, or The Fionavar Tapestry to get an idea of the atmosphere I;m looking for.