Saturday, April 01, 2006

Who by ear

Is anyone familiar with Big Finish’s series of Doctor Who audio adventures? If so, could you recommend any? I’ve already listened to Loups-Garoux and A Natural History of Fear, and been very impressed, so now I want more.

I hear that Spare Parts and Jubilee are very well-regarded. What other stories should I track down? And which should I avoid?

Category: Movies and TV


  1. Hi

    You've already listened to two of the best, but basically you can't go wrong with anything by Rob Shearman or Marc Platt - I also loved "...ish" by Phil Pascoe and "The Wormery" by Paul Magrs and Steve Cole.

    Oh, and "Spare Parts" is the absolute best BF release ever.

    As for the rest, you'll get different recommendations from people - I've yet to hear an audio by Joe Lidster or Nick Briggs which wasn't utterly dreadful, but even they have their fans....

  2. Hi Stuart

    Spare Parts is brilliant, isn't it? A really sad and scary piece of body-horror, I got chills listening to it.

    I don't know why I was always put-off by the thought of these dramas. I guess I expected them to be cheesy fan-made pieces of tat. Oh, how wrong I was.

    I will check out your other recommendations.