Saturday, April 22, 2006

A survey. Hurrah!

Visit Todd’s blog, South Dakota Dark and participate in his “best of today’s TV” survey. Let’s see if we can’t get some UK nominees on the list.

When you’ve done that, swing over to the bfi and take a look at their (now six years old) “best brit telly evah!!!11!” survey and be amazed by how much of it you’ve never seen.

An interesting offshoot: the bfi list was voted on by members of the TV industry, but when the poll was released, the British public were asked to send in their favourite programs. The result was rather intriguing:

Your favourite programme: poll results

When the bfi TV 100 was released, we asked you to vote for your favourite British Television programme, whether it was listed in the TV100 or not.

The surprise winner of your poll was Blake's Seven (BBC1, 1978-1981), not listed in our tv 100. Read more about this unjustly neglected science fiction series from the seventies.

Doctor Who (always the bridesmaid...) came in at number two, followed by Only Fools and Horses, hotly argued over in our discussion forums. As Time Goes By (BBC1, 1992- ), in fourth place, was another no-show from the 100, as were, tailing your list, The Goodies, Prisoner, Sherlock Holmes, Press Gang, Are You Being Served and Red Dwarf.

Many thanks to all those who voted.

Programme Votes cast %
Blake's Seven11324.9
Doctor Who7316.1
Only Fools and Horses275.9
As Time Goes By265.7
The Goodies255.5
Granada's Sherlock Holmes143.1
Press Gang132.9
Red Dwarf112.4
Are You Being Served51.1

I call shennanigans. Clearly a plot by SFX to get Blake and Avon listed. Press Gang should have been higher. It should have been on the grown-up table, damn it!

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