Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More scripts to read

I've added a link in the sidebar to a collection of scripts for The Inside, Tim Minear's aborted FBI serial-crimes drama. Although I wasn't too keen on the episodes that aired on Fox last summer, ITV4 have recently completed showing the entire run of produced episodes, and as the show went on and its characters continued to develop, I will admit I began to warm to it.

I've also turned up, in my time-wasting jaunts across the internet, an early - and therefore all Stephen Gallagher's own work - draft of the pilot for Eleventh Hour, which I'll look foward to reading later.

Category: Writing


  1. This is a great find - thanks man!

  2. Just downloaded the Eleventh Hour PDF on to my Mac - it just comes up as gibberish, squares and random letters. Does it work on yours? Some PDFs are a bit tetchy with Macs.

  3. Sorry about the delayed reply. It displays fine for me - were you opening it in your browser, or in Preview?

  4. Downloaded it and opened it in Preview, Safari won't just open it in a page for me. It's a conspiracy, I tells ya.