Saturday, April 22, 2006

Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw

Quite unquestionably, one of the lupiest things I’ve seen on the BBC.

Next week: K9!


  1. Most Lupine... Not 'lupiest'... Jeez! And you want to be a writer!

  2. I'll be down...uh, "watching" this one soon.

    I have to watch season 4 of THE SHIELD first.

  3. This episode's is so-so, but the BBC are following in Sci-fi's footsteps and releasing podcast commentaries for the episodes.

    And season four of THE SHIELD - don't hang around, man, start watching it now!

  4. Much better than last week's opener (which was embarrassing to watch). Pretty good effects too, I thought. Slightly creaky (where did the other monks go? why was he in a cage if he was getting out anyway, and if he was in charge?), but jolly good fun.

    The podcasts are an excellent idea, I'm looking forward to checking those out.

  5. I caught the last 10 mins of the commentary on the BBC3 repeat on Sunday night. It was with David Tennant, the other Scottish actor and the script editor for the ep. You couldn't hear any audio for the actual show so it was a bit disconcerting when they didn't say anything and just watched the action...

  6. Ow.

    Please don't do that again.

  7. I watched ten eps. of the Shield and switched around for a change of pace.


    Effing brilliant.

    Nice to see that they have decided to be reflexive in their use of time references, and build a cohesive universe for the good Doctor. A werewolf story that shows the origins of Torchwood...plenty of action, suspense, humor, and not too much of that "standing around explaining things"...

    Again, brilliant.

  8. Piers, I couldn't help myself. I will try and restrain myself in the future.