Thursday, March 02, 2006


In case you somehow missed it, Danny has a good interview with Life on Mars co-creator Ashley Pharoah on his site.

Something Old, Nothing New is a great pop-culture blog, covering the gamut, from opera to What’s Opera, Doc?

I found a funny and pointless History of the Internet while exploring World’s site, looking for information about possible DVD releases of The Cops and Buried.

I insist, I absolutely insist, that Buried be released on DVD at the earliest opportunity, do you hear me?

Hello? Hello?


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  1. You may or may not be aware, but you're in John Rogers' links section - how'd you manage that, then?

  2. That was my very first link, and how proud I was.

    The application process left me exhausted, penurious and physically humilated, but now I can sleep through the night at last, I see it was worth it, as after Danny, John's my biggest referrer, with DMc comin' up third.

    (Actually, all I had to do was link to him first, and leave a couple of comments on his posts, and he put me in the spec-monkeys list. I think I got lucky, because he hasn't done a big refresh in a while, and if I hadn't got in when I did - last August, I think - I wouldn't be there now.)

  3. You cunning, crafty, fox-like creature you.

    I had about two and a half readers until Danny linked to me, and now I have lots and lots. Truly he is the benevolent King of the Blogs. Sometimes I sneak down to Bournemouth and leave bowls of fruit outside his door. Scares the shit out of him, apparently.