Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Shield

The latest season of The Shield took a wee break this week, with a shockingly good, oh-my-god-I-cannot-believe-that-just-happened, ninety-minute episode.

This run has seen the best work the show has ever produced. It seems like everyone involved can feel the end coming and is really firing on all cylinders. The Shield has traded on its moral ambiguity from day one - Vic Mackey is a good friend, caring dad, and decent cop, for the most part. But he also killed a policeman, in cold blood, in the pilot episode. Finally, it seems the time has come for an accounting. This shit is about to get Shakespearean. Hell, it could even get Middletonian.

The strike team - what’s left of them - look likely to face some very harsh judgments throughout the show’s (probable) final run, beginning in January.

Oh, and check out The Shield cast and crew blog for some cool commentary on the making of the show.

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