Friday, March 10, 2006

Con is on, apparently

Why did no-one tell me the new series of Hustle started tonight?

I’ve missed half of it now. Torrent time tomorrow, I guess.

Category: Movies and TV


  1. Pah! Move to Scotland - it doesn't start here until April, apparently. We've just have some old tat with Anne Robinson linking clips of children's TV presenters cocking up instead.

    Call that justice?

  2. Move to Scotland? I've only moved a few feet down the hill and I've lost all my digital channels. I'd probably forget how to read if I went that far.

  3. Hustle? Jaime Murray?

    Be still my beating...uh, heart. Yeah, heart.

    I too will torrent away the hours...

  4. There's a costume, in the recording studio.

    Start beating.

  5. Damn you, sir...

    (shuffles off to find costume)