Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More money than sense

My iPhoto albums of my sister’s wedding arrived today, and very nice they are too, if a little pricey.

Why they had to be shipped from the U.S. is anyone’s guess. Don’t we have any printers in the U.K?

My other big purchase of the week was my first page of original comic art, and I think I might get into seriously collecting this stuff. These things look great at their original size, I’d love a few more on my wall.

It turns out that Andrew Wildman, one of the main artists on The Transformers in the eighties and nineties, lives in Chipping Norton. As does Transformer scribe Simon Furman. Chipping Norton is really a secret hotbed of international talent. Did you know Wentworth Miller was born here? Ben Kingsley lives up the road. Ronnie Barker retired here; Graham Garden and Dudley Sutton have strong local connections, Sam Mendes and Kate Winslett have a house a couple of miles away, half of Fairport Convention live here, and David Cameron, Leader of the Opposition, is our M.P. We do okay for a town of six thousand.

Anyway, Wildman exhibited in the theatre last week, and I picked up this great page of Galvatron bitch-slapping the hell out of Megatron:

I want more of this

Why is there saliva spraying from Megatron’s mouth? Who cares? Giant robots mixing it the frak up! Whoo!

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  1. I have some original stuff from a variety of sources over the years, but I have to say my favourite is a piece I have of Londo Mollari from B5 comics, signed er, by the actor that is: Peter Jurasik.

  2. Another B5 freak! It's one of my favourite things ever, just behind spaghetti hoops in the list.

  3. When you say fairport connection are you talking about the famous folk rock band? In which case its urghhh... fairport convention, not connection. Not to be rude, just thought I would save you any possible embarassment-- not that they are a particularly large band or anything. It's just that my friend's uncle is the lead singer... lots of love,

    J.F Salmon (whose name you should remember for teh future)

  4. What are you talking about? It says Convention, right there in the post.

    We have always been at war with Oceania.