Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Apply eventness

What's all this about, then? The theorised missing products whose absence made January's Keynote so lame may be about to show up at last.

More Intel Insides? New iBooks (The MacBook Schmo) or Minis? Could be something implementing Apple's patented touchscreen system, rumours of which have been circulating for weeks.

Fun, they say? Surely not more socks for your iPod? Now that iPod integration is influencing people's car-buying behaviour, how about capturing the younger market with iPod handlebars on your bike. An Ive-revamped Chopper, pre-loaded with The Red-Hand Gang theme? Any takers?

Category: Computing and Web


  1. It took me forever to get that title. I thought it was a pun on application or something. Then it hit me, like one of those 3D picture, it's not the verb "apply" but rather a whedonesque apple-y goodness reference. Digging it.

  2. Weird, I immediately thought of the Apple meaning - only looking at it now you mention it did I go "oh yeah, 'apply' is a normal word too". I am hopelessly devoted to my Apply overlords.