Monday, February 20, 2006

Bring me my I-Spy book of druggy behaviour

Tonight’s Life on It started of as another humorous, cheesy piss-take of The Sweeney, and then pulled-off a remarkable tonal volte-face. Everyone was top of their game. Philip Glenister, in particular, is doing a bang-up job. His subtle characterisation of Gene Hunt shows us a man who’s had to bury all his finest qualities to try and get the job done. The dude has been institutionally damaged.

Some have complained about the pacing of this show; that sixty minutes is too long, the case is wrapped up within forty-five, and the rest is just dressing, but I felt that tonight’s somewhat lengthy dénoument was absolutely necessary., bring on next week’s episode.

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  1. I actually got uncomfortable halfway through, thinking "don't like this, it's all gone a bit serious", purely because there were no easy answers or solutions. Cracking stuff. I'm literally pissing in my own pants in excitement for the finale next week - are they going to end it full stop, or keep it going, or resolve the coma thing and bring up something else? And who is wearing those little buckle shoes in the foresty bit?

  2. There's a further season commissioned, so it'll have to be left open to some degree.

    I vote that he wakes up from his coma...

    And it's the 80s. Glenister's in pastel Versace with his jacket sleeves rolled up.

  3. Yeah Stephen, and Sam Tyler and Annie ride around shooting everyone like Dempsey and Makepeace...

    I can't wait to see this one. I really liked the hostage situation in ep. 6.

  4. i've already asked if i can write for the next series.

    you gotta ask right?

    gotta have a dream...

  5. Cherish the dream!

    Long live Stack!

  6. Just saw this episode and while it was quite good overall, I felt a lot of it was telegraphed...

    I can't wait to see the season finale next week.

  7. Well, figuring out the coppers fed him the coke and he died was never going to tax anyone, but I felt there was a real change in the way the characters interacted with one another that really shaded the episode. It was still light-hearted, but in a more casual, cynical, cruel way, like the paint is peeling away on this fantasy.

    I don't know, it just made me feel uneasy.

  8. Oh, no doubt-- the paint is being scraped off the woodwork. The cops eye Sam even more as an outsider (especially Annie), but he's always been the outsider which is what makes him Sam (and what makes the show work).

  9. just heard that the writers had such a blast writing series one that they've hogged series two all for themselves...