Friday, February 10, 2006

A blog without a poll is like an arse without a hole

Controversy abounds. My recent rebranding appears to have been as ill-advised as the formation of the beleaguered CSA. All I wanted was to be loved, but I have unwillingly become the banal face of evil.

And so I offer up one of my many aspects to the pyre.


  1. Why is there not a "They both terrify me" category?

    Oh sure, the original selection was more obviously creepy, with the uplighting and the staring straight into your soul and the threat of the hammer held out-of-shot beneath the photo.

    But the new picture? It's the smile. The he-knows-something-I-don't smile. Perhaps picture number two may not cause me physical violence, but he is obviously less than an inch away from destroying my life and the lives of all those I care about.

  2. If only you could see what I look like on the inside.

    Many of my relationships have gone on to flourish, only after a long, careful evisceration.

  3. If the votes are even (as of this post, it's 4 all), what happens? Can we all decide what photo you have to take, and dictate the pose, setting, lighting etc?