Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sheer drivel

        • Fun Joel’s scribosphere meme continues its infiltration of the world wide web. Now scaling its tenth tier of referrals, it’s doing the rounds of the city chicks who love shoes. In a mathematically perfect blogosphere, 59,049 people would have been tagged by now.

        • Fellow Chippy-area blogger and am-dram alumnus Foot-eater constructs a new blogabulary. Who is this anonymous evil man?

        • "Naked man died in field of horses," and other weird headlines, courtesy of James.

        • Speculation continues regarding this year’s shitty Macworld keynote. Was Jobs suffering under a seasonal chill, or were super-cool secret products shelved at the eleventh hour?

        • Stephen Gallagher’s Eleventh Hour (oh yes I did), starring Transmet loving Patrick Stewart premiers tomorrow night. Hope Stephen’s not too nervous!

        • Pathfinder 4 is the dog’s bollocks! Betas of MacJournal 4 make me happy, and what is the deal with Quicksilver’s new Constellation plug-in? Radial menus - genius! Celtx + Firefoxy=no more enormous headache in my eye.

        • Clueless first time screenwriter? Stuck on your outline? Try this handy how-to from Machinima.

        • Smokers - go out and try to play football for an hour. If you think you’re going to die after ten minutes, it’s time to give up. I’ve had a week off the fags, and I’m now 600% fitter.

        • I’m moving house in three days, and instead of packing, I’m procrastinating wildly. I’ll have no internet access for two weeks! My god, I’ll probably finish three scripts.

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  1. Nervous? Moi? I'll show you cool.

    I'll be in the pub.

  2. Good man. I'll be watching with a glass of malt in hand, while you're off playing darts.

  3. It's so much easier than writing a real post. Tonight I'm just going to type out random paragraphs from the ouvre of David Gemmell.

  4. Thanks for linking to me, but the generalization isn't really necessary.

    If you actually read the blog, you'd know that.

  5. Hi, eastsidegirl; I did read your blog, and there is most certainly more to it than shoes in the drawer. I just felt the generalisation was a simple (lazy) way to illustrate how Joel's little questionnaire had broken out of its original niche. It certainly wasn't meant as a slight. As you say yourself, sometimes we take the easy route in our writing.

    Can we be friends?

  6. Of course we can be friends! Sorry if I was harsh...I've been touchy about blog stuff lately.

    I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.

  7. Oh God, I wouldn't bother if I were you. Honestly, it's all a load of flim-flam and fudge.

  8. Oh, and good work, Stephen. I really enjoed it. Patrick Stewart really has some GRAVITAS, doesn't he?

  9. There was a reason why I was in the pub.

    Some day I'll tell the tale that explains the piss-poor dialogue.

  10. I did notice an "additional material by" credit. Was it just the one episode, or are they all doctored?

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  12. I saw Patrick Stewart in The Tempest in NYC a few years back. Aamzing performer! That man can dance, too!