Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hit and run

Hello, friends. Sorry I haven’t been around, it’s all been me moving house, me preparing a board presentation, me playing football, me not having broadband all week. Sadly, I’ve been sleeping when I should have been writing so I’m a week behind schedule, but never mind. Back to normal as of tomorrow.

Though I still won’t have broadband. I’m tapping this out at my folks’ place after Sunday dinner. And it’ll be short because I’m leaving soon.

And, I can only get four TV channels in my new house. It’s like living in 1994. Except I’m fatter. And balder. And my life is a crushing disappointment. Damn, I miss digital television.

Well, just thought I’d say hi. I’ve had a ton of hits this week, and nothing new for people to see, so here’s the new thing. I’ll do another one next weekend.

Sorry to love you and leave you, but that’s the way it has to be just now. Laters.

Category: Meatspace


  1. How can you leave your public waiting like this!?


    p.s. Hope the new home's suiting you well... A more suitable inducement to work perhaps?...

  2. It's lovely, though still somewhat waist deep with boxes.

    Also, it's like living in a fucking kennels. Everyone's got dogs and they NEVER SHUT UP. Finally I understand the appeal of cats.