Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hassle free house hunting

Before I came back to live with my parents, I spent three years in Manchester, a year in Oxford and another three years living in London. I’ve been living here, in my “comfort zone” for three and a half years. My younger brother moved out last spring. My younger sister is getting married and moving to the U.S.A next month. I woke up on Tuesday and thought to myself: “I really must get out of here, before I end up like Robert Crumb’s brother.” Off I went to the estate agents, got some rental details, took a look at a place on Wednesday, signed the application on Thursday, got accepted on Friday, and will move in on the 20th. The only thing is, I have no furniture. If anyone would like to donate a sofa, or dinner table, get in touch.

The things I do to avoid writing.

Now I’m going out to play football. This is not like me at all.

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  1. Glad to see your finally flying the nest! Now I can come and crash on your floor after getting pissed in Chippy!

    Hope you enjoyed football... Although I suspect that you felt like throwing up after about 5 minutes and started thinking thing like, "it wasn't this hard when I was 12!"....

    Oh, and remember... Geekiness isn't defined by what you do it's defined by who you are (and how you smell...)

  2. No, that's nerdinesss you're thinking of. Geeks are altogether better groomed.

    And I still feel like throwing up.