Sunday, January 08, 2006

Caught in the act

Except for the odd moment of madness, I really don’t write much about friends, family, or work. They are, after all, not part of the bigger picture where this blog is concerned. Nevertheless, I have managed to keep it secret since last June - only the most daring and intrepid of web-spelunkers have managed to find my hidden lair.

This week, though, I was exposed! Not that it wasn’t bound to happen - there’s a pretty massive clue in my e-mail address, for one thing. My best friend spent a good part of Wednesday ransacking my entries, while I spent most of the same day, panicked, madly trying to think if there was anything I’d written in the last demi-annee I ought to delete before he found it.

It’s rather a strange thing, having someone you know read your online thoughts. I suppose I must come across a little bit differently than I do in real life, but I guess that’s inevitable. I was mostly worried that Dave would think me some kind of weirdo freak, for putting my thoughts, doubts and insecurities up on the web for the world to see (well, the thirty or so folk a day who come this way), but I needn’t have worried. No, because he has quite comprehensively outgeeked me by building a web-page to display his Space Marines.

David, I salute you, sir.

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