Monday, December 26, 2005

Special brew

Wasn’t Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion great? From the beefed up theme tune to the preview of Season Two (K9! Cybermen!), it was just chock-full of absolutely wonderful moments, both light and dark. I loved it, every minute - it was just so perfectly Christmas.

I suspect we’ll be getting one of these every year for quite some time, especially if the commentary is to be believed. Woo-hoo!

Category: Movies and TV


  1. My friend who edited my short film edited the Christmas special. Cool! Well. For me.

    I thought it was great to introduce a new doctor and then put him in bed for half the show. Very bold but it worked a treat.

  2. Absolutely. When he came out of his wee coma, things couldn't have been bleaker for the Earth, and he fixed it all in a couple of minutes. I think Davies really managed to sell to all the eight year olds watching their first regeneration that yes, this is the Doctor, and he's better than ever.

    Next season is going to be ace!

    And kudos to your friend.