Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Of all the...

Sunday afternoon, me and my dad spent about two hours working out how to get the door panel off my car and then pushing dents out.

By the time we finished it looked almost as good as new.

Today, I backed into a wall. Same side. Same door. Whacked the same exact spot.

There are worse things that could happen. Fewer more embarrassing.

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  1. My condolences. There is a silver lining (perhaps) to this awkward scenario - in that it makes for a hilarious scene in that rom-com you've always wanted to write, plus it highlights that oh so great British reticent behavior. Just put your head down and keep walking...just...pretend...nothing..happened.
    On the other hand it's just rotten luck.

    Thought for the day : must stop pretending i'm Jez from Peep Show.

    How goeth the writing.