Monday, December 05, 2005

Kudos to you, ma'am

Guardian Media today ran a profile of Jane Featherstone, producer of Spooks and Hustle, who has this to say:

We are going to have to start producing longer-running series...We are going to have to start the shift to US-style 26-part series. The audience are ready for it, and to have C4 without drama at the heart of its schedule can't go on.

Too right.

Here’s the link - but beware, sign-up required.

Category: Movies and TV


  1. well that's good news.

    Now...say it with me..

    co-pro! co-pro! co-pro!

  2. I won't have that sort of solicitation here. Of all the disgusting, human perversions...

    Oh, I see, this is an abbreviation of co-production, not, well, never mind.

    Yes, definitely; here's to future behemoths.