Friday, November 11, 2005

TV cull

Here are the shows I’m currently keeping track of using whatever nefarious, murky methods I deem necessary:

        • Alias
        • Bones
        • House
        • Gilmore Girls
        • Invasion
        • Lost
        • The O.C
        • Prison Break
        • Rome
        • Supernatural
        • Threshold
        • Veronica Mars

If, or when, the following are renewed and restart broadcast, they will be added to the list:

        • The 4400
        • Battlestar Galactica
        • Charlie Jade
        • Deadwood
        • Rescue Me
        • The Shield
        • Stargate: Atlantis
        • Wanted
        • Weeds
        • The Wire

During the summer season, I bailed out of The Inside, The Closer, The Dead Zone and Stargate SG-1. Last year, I broke up with Smallville, and no report that this year is an improvement is enough to get me to take another look. Season Four was that bad.

Some shows, such as The West Wing, and Nip/Tuck, I follow as they air over here.

That’s a lot of TV. Too much, I think; almost an unhealthy amount. Some of it’s got to go. A few of them, 4400, Wanted, Supernatural and Atlantis, for instance, are guilty pleasures. I enjoy watching them and will most likely keep on doing so. Others I’m attached to for sentimental reasons, like gangrenous fingers I don’t want to see amputated: see Alias and The O.C. Some are only on the list because they’re freshmen that I was keen to checkout, and their grace period is now over. Now they live or die on my harddrive by quality alone.

I haven’t actually watched a single episode of Gilmore Girls yet; I keep saving them up and never spend any time viewing them.

I think it’s time for a cull. As of next week, I do not think I will any longer be cluttering my bandwidth with Alias, The O.C. or Threshold. I have definitely had enough of Bones and Invasion, and it’s just possible that Lost may soon find itself out in the wilderness.

I’ve been uncritically consuming too many hours of TV lately, and the drip-line needs to be yanked. From now on I intend to savour only the good stuff, binge occasionally on junk and steer well clear of stinking offal.

Could you do the same?

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