Saturday, November 05, 2005

Put yourself on the map

Go on, head over to Moses’ scribosphere project, check out the beautiful people and add yourself to the pantheon. Become a resident of the glorious global scriptwriting village. We should have a fete every Founder’s Day.

It’s good for absolutely nothing at all, but I’m a very nosy person who likes to see where people live and what they look like. So sue me. Plus, you can always take a look at it when you’re writing at 2 a.m and feeling like the only person in the world, and draw strength from knowing you have brothers and sisters out there somewhere.

Category: Computing and Web


  1. Was so scared by your photo on the right that I didn't dare post a link to my site at the end of this message as I had earlier intended to do. Not that you are bad-looking, just the pose and the stare, I guess...

    Believe me it worked.

  2. I know, it's the nostrils flared apropos of nothing that does it.

    I found your blog, and if you're scared by my photo after some of the stuff on there, then god, I need a makeover.