Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New digital channel

ITV4 is the greatest television station ever!

Right now I’m sitting here watching Pekinpah’s hardcore The Killer Elite, and this afternoon they were pumping out the fantastic Grant Morrison inspiring Department S. Even better, next week sees re-runs of the Michael Madsen vehicle Vengeance Unlimited.

I’m never getting up again.

Category: Movies and TV


  1. I can't find ITV4 anywhere on Sky Digital. Do you know where it is?

  2. Apparently, it's only officially on Freeview at the moment. You Sky viewing types are supposed to wait till next Monday for a launch on EPG120.

    Still, if you know what they're talking about, and I have no idea, Digital Spy seems to have some kind of hack for viewing it now:

    "In the meantime, Sky viewers will still be able to view ITV4 by adding the channel manually. To do so, press services, then 4 (system setup) and 4 (add channels). Enter the frequency 10.758, a polarisation of V, a symbol rate of 22.0 (use the left/right arrow buttons) and an FEC of 5/6, then select 'Find channels'. From the list that appears, select 10072 and press the yellow button, then select to store. The channel will now be accessible via services, then the 'Other Channels' menu."

  3. I absolutely love The Killer Elite. Someone should remake it...

    (Just kidding!)