Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Call this a comic?

This is issue seventy-eight of Daredevil, which I have just bought today, having caught up on the trades. It is by far the best comic being published by Marvel right now; Bendis and Maleev have been unstoppable since the beginning of Underboss, back in issue twenty-six. That’s a brilliantly sustained run of excellence. Forty-seven issues so far (don’t forget Echo’s Quest by David Mack, there in the middle). That’s a lot of pages.

A lot of pages. And this issue continues the trend. Good work by Bendis and Maleev, only it’s totally unreadable. Too many pages. Forty-eight, you see. Forty-eight pages, and do you know how many of those are story pages? Twenty-two! And that includes the previously page.

Less than half of this comic has any comic in it.

Fuck you, Marvel. I’m waiting for the trade.

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  1. I thought I was the only person who waited for the TPBs. I came late to comics, so I began with trades, having a lot of catching up to do. When I finally started reading series books, I found that the format (and all the ads) were offputting. So I'm back to trades. But I do still make sure to buy them at the comic shop, so that they get my bucks instead of Amazon (they get enough of them already).

  2. I come and go. I started off buying DD in singles, but found the story too slow-moving in monthly installments. They paid off much better in trade. But like I said, I'm all caught up, so thought I'd go back to the floppies.

    Won't do that again.

    It's disappointing, because I'm not reading many comics at the moment anyway, most of the series I like either wrapped up in the last couple of years or just stopped coming out (Queen and Country for instance).

    I can't see how new readers are meant to be attracted when every second page is an ad. I think I feel another post coming on, actually.

  3. I just stumbled on Queen and Country quite by accident--bought the Operation: Broken Ground trade. It's next up on my reading list. Glad to hear it's a good one!

    You make a good point about the ads. I understand that the companies make their money from advertising, but they should take a cue from television and place them more wisely. Magazines and newspapers can get away with arranging content around ads, but narrative stories need better timing.

    I wouldn't mind all the 26 ad pages if they were grouped together in 4 groups of 6 pages (with the remaining two at the beginning and end, I guess), just like TV shows have act breaks for commercials. That way, long chunks of story can continue uninterrupted, and the ads can be placed at strategic spots to heighten the suspense.

    I guess the concern is that readers will zip through all the ads too fast, but that has to be better than annoying the reader.

    Even the movie theaters that are running ads these days (at a show you already PAID for) are smart enough to put them all at the beginning. They don't stop the movie for a diet coke commercial.

    Excuse my Ugly American ignorance, but do the British TV channels other than BBC have commercial breaks, or are they commercial free?

  4. The BBC is completely ad free, and all programs play uninterrupted - occasionally with promos betwen them. Marvellous.

    The ad funded channels, in most cases, tend to put a three or four minute break in the middle of a half-hour show, about every quarter-hour in a one-hour show, and every twenty/twenty-five minutes throughout a feature.

    They are generally quite unintrusive, and in the case of some shows, welcome.

  5. I love DD as well. I have almost every issue from Vol 1 as well as Vol 2. I love it, especially Bendis' run, but it does read a lot better as a trade. I'm looking forward to Brubaker's run now.
    Matt Courtney

  6. Brubaker's taking over?

    Hot damn! There's a lot of his stuff I haven't read, but Scene of the Crime and Sleeper were two of the best things ever.