Wednesday, October 12, 2005

iTunes 5, we hardly knew ye

I say, Apple have impressed me. At their special event today they put the iTunes store so far ahead of the competition, there’s nothing you can do but pity them. Now they’re selling TV shows. TV shows. Lost and Desperate Housewives along with other ABC, Disney and Pixar content at $1.99 a pop. Someone’s actually, finally, gone and done it. Kudos.

And with new iPods to play it all on, too. Although FireWire in the iPods is well and truly dead.

Needless to say, none of this content is actually available in the UK as of yet, but the landslide has begun.

Furthermore, modest speed-bumps and - bless - the repositioning of the I/O ports aside, the additions to the iMac really are quite special, cementing Apple’s commitment to becoming the premier online media content provider. Smaller, lighter, with built in iSight, Front Row (a new media hub app) and remote control, this is an unashamed bid for the front room. With a TV tuner included, this would have been a killer machine, and with a 500GB hard drive, captures wouldn’t have posed a problem. Still, with an Elgato attached this machine will do pretty much everything you could want (well, except play games), and I’m seriously considering placing an order.

One thing though is in danger of being overlooked. Not some swanky, unheralded new technical feature, but an omission that I should think no-one will be sad to see, yet which is, in it’s own way, a quietly revolutionary statement. Raise the bugle, if you please, for finally dial-up internet access is no more.

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