Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Autumn is for connoisseurs

Even my man Keats agrees, with his season of mists...and other likewise damp phenomena, when the air smells alternately of cut grass, bonfires and tea-leaves; daylight diminishes and the skies belong to the crow, every caw a carrion delight. In nuanced, bittersweet October, England becomes a haunting Celtic netherworld.

I adore it.

And even if you ignore the fact that I watched Excalibur far too many times in my teens, this remains my favoured time of year - if only for the sheer joy of popping out for a smoke and inhaling not only tobacco but all the various free flavours of the month, the over-ripe apples, gently rotting leaves and still plump blackberries.

Take my advice: if you don’t smoke, take it up tomorrow.

Category: Meatspace


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  2. Fall's my favorite season. Love it. And I watched Excalibur to death as a kid too. It fascinated me. Haven't watched it in probably eight years. Should see how it stands up to nostalgia.