Friday, September 02, 2005

TV or Movies

Lee Goldberg at A Writer’s Life makes a valid complaint about the current vogue for TV producers to tout their series’ as mini-movies, and wonders where their need to look to movies for validation comes from.

The truth is that I get so much more satisfaction from TV than movies these days, mainly because there are so few films that are actually willing to place any demands upon their audiences the way that continuity driven, ensemble shows like BSG, Veronica Mars, The Shield et al. do.

How would you even begin to cram thirteen hours of The Wire into ninety-seven minutes?

TV is just a richer narrative medium these days. Eye candy production values be damned (and isn't this all that's meant by "little movies" - "we spent $100 million on this series, look at that photography?"), it's all about the quality of the storytelling. The scripts, in short.

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