Friday, September 02, 2005

The triumph of apathy

Is that Bush can head-up a complete cluster fuck of an administration; an administration whose actions have allowed anarchy to take root throughout an entire American city; and not be assassinated.

The people of New Orleans, Biloxi and Gulfport have been betrayed by their leaders. Soldiers who should be helping people are being sent out there with shoot-to-kill orders. People have been raped and murdered in the Louisana Superdome.

Granted, these are desperate times, but a society with any faith in its government and constitution shouldn’t be behaving this way.

Looting, killing, car-jacking, the desperation of a displaced people – is this the news or a John Carpenter movie?

He’s got to go, and serious questions need to be asked about why America’s social fabric is so weak; why the people and their government appear to live in different countries, because the scenes we’ve all watched in horror this week have no place in the world’s richest nation.

I hope to god the American people get some help soon, and preferably before my sister becomes one of them.

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