Monday, September 05, 2005

Rome 1x02 - How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic

Snows. Always. Melt. - Mark Antony

Indeed they do, and tonight, my frosty regard for HBO’s new drama began its slow thaw. This was much better than last week’s episode. In fact, it should have been the pilot. There was nothing in The Stolen Eagle that wasn’t done better here: Caesar’s scheming and Pompey’s miscalculation; the chalk and cheese friendship of Pullo and Vorenus; Atia’s gleeful sluttishness and indifference to the dysfunction of her brood; the total disregard for modern mores - it’s almost as if it is made for an ancient Roman audience.

It displayed ambition enough to show up The Stolen Eagle as the redundant prologue I felt it was: backstory that never needed to be filmed.

Memorable scenes, good lines, effective twists; don’t let me down next week.

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