Sunday, September 18, 2005

Retraction and apology

In the spirit of the Guardian’s Corrections and Clarifications, I feel the need to go on record with an apology to Neil Gaiman for my grumpiness on Thursday night, leading to unfair and uninformed trashing of his latest novel in my last post.

I felt the need to back up my comments, and as WH Smith’s have Anansi Boys on offer, I thought in the spirit of fairness that it really wouldn’t do to damn a book without having read it.

It was much better than American Gods. It wasn’t as good as Sandman, or Coraline. Irregardless (and what are the six degrees of geekdom between “irregardless” and Neil Gaiman?), it was a very enjoyable, pacy read. There was some nice stuff about fathers and sons, sibling rivalry, about families in general, some deft comedy, and statements about how our stories teach us how to behave, along with the usual guff about “just being yourself.”

On the downside there was a general laxity toward chronology, some terribly undeveloped and one-dimensional characters and the comedy/horror dynamic was a little unbalanced. On the whole, though, an entertaining way to spend a Sunday.

Rating: Seven and a half paper plates out of Maureen O’Hara.

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