Sunday, September 04, 2005

New season, same old same old

When even the TV editor of Radio Times starts to get cross about the lack of vision and reliance on “dreary sadistic-serial-killer/forensic science drama” in our televisual output, it’s time for UK producers to wake up and smell what they’re shoveling.

BBC, ITV and C4 are all indulging in an orgy of publicity for their Autumn shows, but when you strip through the hype and look at what they are actually putting out, what have you got? Historical drama, adaptations and quirky P.I.s.

The fuck is this?

Now, I admit I’m quite looking forward to Vincent, but only because it stars my TV daddy Ray Winstone, and I’d watch and rewind him taking a crap all day, such is my reverence; and Bleak House.

Bleak House gets the nod because:
        1 - Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock. Following her performance in The House of Mirth, how could I not?
        2 - the format. Bleak House was written as a serial drama, with parts being released each month. The BBC are treating it as a soap opera, with sixteen half-hour episodes to be shown over eight weeks, which I think is pretty brave of them given our aversion to producing any TV stories that take more than half a dozen episodes to tell (notice though, that it’s still only eight weeks, despite the episode count).

That’s it. Two shows. And it’s not even as if they’re going to keep me entertained between now and May. Eight weeks of hopefully great acting and atmosphere and then back to prime-time sports coverage and repeats of Hettie Wainthrop.

Well, don’t expect me to swallow that. I’ll be firing up my Torrent client, and making room on my HD for, among others, the new season of Veronica Mars, for which previews have generated more excitement than the prospect of anything this dismal little isle can muster.

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