Thursday, September 29, 2005

Make friends with Veronica

How good is Veronica Mars?

No, seriously, how FUCKING INCREDIBLE is Veronica Mars?

I don’t know much about your Yankee networks, but I know UPN isn’t a hugely popular one. Plus, you know, Lost at the same time.

Get UPN. Dump Lost. Forget about it. If you want a show with a season long mystery that isn’t afraid to - and how’s this for novel - plan ahead, Veronica’s your baby.

Last night’s Season Two premier was, if you haven’t already guessed, terrific. Veronica’s back in the 09-er fold, her best friend’s murder’s solved, her dad’s a celeb and her boyfriend is thankfully not her brother.

But not everything is coming up roses. Rob Thomas resolves the cliff-hangers and loose ends from last year in timely fashion, but before you’ve even managed to sort through the ramifications, launches right into this season’s big new arc. When we last saw Veronica’s rich-kid boyfriend Logan at the end of Season One he was getting shit from a teenage motorcycle gang. When we catch up with him, he’s unconscious in the street, broken and bleeding, with a knife in one hand and a dead biker on the asphalt next to him. Now a class war is brewing in Neptune, and by the end of the episode appears to have claimed its first victims.

Rob Thomas writes terrific dialogue and his plotting is pitch perfect. I urge you, if you have any love for fine TV, buy the Season One DVDs and watch this show.

If only for the bikini clad Charisma Carpenter.

Now that's good TV.

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