Thursday, September 15, 2005

Free scripts

Finding scripts on the web isn’t hard. I’m thankful for the number of collections out there, but often find hunting for new material a complete drag. Either sites lump scripts and transcripts together with little to distinguish between them, or they keep up links to material long since removed, or their lust to be comprehensive overwhelms the need to be selective. Will reading three dozen Knight Rider scripts really make you a better writer, or would one draft of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica be preferable? Depends what you want to achieve, I suppose, but I trust many of my visitors’ tastes overlap with my own.

So as a service to you, my dear readers, I have added a new group of links in the sidebar to teleplays written for some of my favorite shows. Grab ‘em while they last.

Incidentally, if anyone managed to nab the Babylon 5 scripts from Twiz TV before they were nuked and wants to e-mail them to me, that would make me extremely happy.

UPDATE: Babylon 5's creator J Michael Straczynski announced last week the B5 script project - all ninety-one of his scripts for the show are to be released in fourteen volumes of seven scripts apiece (those quick of multiplication will note this is actually ninety-eight scripts - there will be bonus material). Now, JMS may have a bit of a tin ear when it comes to dialogue, and a sense of humour that could be described as idiosyncratic, but his sense of structure is second to none. As a writer, I will be buying these to study at my leisure. Being a massive B5 geek has nothing to do with it.

The scripts will be available from

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