Saturday, September 24, 2005

Four more months!

Didn’t write about Rome this week, because mostly, it was not so good. No, this week’s TV highlight was Battlestar Galactica, back to it’s nerve-shredding best after a couple of weeks of downtime and what passes for relaxation in that crazy, frakked-up fleet.

This week, Miranda Zero, righteously pissed that Warner Brothers’ picked up Supernatural over Global Frequency shows up out of nowhere in her swanky new Battlestar and totally usurps Gaff’s command. While he’s been making little paper unicorns for Helo, she’s been putting bullets in the head of her XOs and hunting down Cylons for her troops to gang-rape. She’s totally inspirational.

In only fourty-two minutes of the leanest drama anywhere, Roslin gets side-lined; Lee and Kara get transfered; in a horrible, repellant interrogation scene, Sharon is almost raped; Gaius declares his loyalties; and when Tyrol and Helo are court-martialled and sentenced to death by Miranda for coming to Sharon’s rescue, Gaff decides it’s time to take the fleet back, ending the show with two Battlestars squaring up to one another.

And did I even mention the squadron sent out to attack a Cylon fleet protecting a hitherto unidentified mega-ship?

It’s a great chuffing cliff-hanger, and it comes just in time for the show to go on hiatus ‘till January.

That’s right, January. Sadly, this season’s crop of new shows evidences little promise of greatness, with only Threshold so far distinguishing itself in my book, and that nowhere near enough to fill the hole left on Friday night.

So thank the stars for Rob Thomas and the return of Veronica Mars next week.

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  1. Battlestar Galactica really is bloody brilliant isn't it? Not seen any of the new series yet, but hearing great things.

  2. It's the biggest fix of my TV week. It's why Bittorrent was invented.