Saturday, September 10, 2005

Buy better games

Just finished God of War, and, man, that was awesome. Doesn’t quite surpass Ico or Sands of Time, but still a perfectly made piece of videogame entertainment.

There are about a million ways the film adaptation could be fucked up. Unlike the games mentioned above, God of War has no emerging narration; all of the game’s significant development - how Kratos become Aries’ disciple at the cost of his humanity - is in the backstory. This presents a significant challenge to anyone looking to write a script based on the game, and I forsee a lengthy period in development hell, followed by a forgettable release with at least five writers credited.

Too bad no-one’s developing Beyond Good and Evil. Now there’s a game with a hell of a story. Although it’s integrated with the game so well, what would be the point, except to show all the fools who never bought it part of what they missed.

I swear, EA can release the same half dozen games every year and swim in the profits, but when Ubisoft tries something different they get nada.

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