Friday, August 05, 2005

Whedon sluts with cash to burn, read on

Buffy fans may recall the release of a highly desirable, deluxe box-set of seasons one to seven, around last November-time. A strictly limited edition, it sold out in no time at all. Well, this October, it's being re-released:

Thirty-nine discs, seven seasons, all the extras from the regular releases in tasty packaging for around one hundred and thirty-five quid. Less than a pound per episode.

But the really good news is that not only is this set being re-released, its (in my opinion) superior stablemate Angel is getting the same treatment.

Here's the pic:

If I hadn't already spent a shitload of my credit card company's money on, first the VHS releases, then the DVDs, I would sure as hell be putting these at the top of my "to buy, and waste not a moment" list.

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  1. C'mon now! How can buffy really be worth all that money! =)

  2. I just can't help myself! Somebody needs to stop me.