Friday, August 26, 2005

Sheepish? Moi?

It turns out – and who could have predicted this – that in order for a hard drive to copy files completely, maintain directory structure reliably, be better recognised by a computer and generally work, an uninterrupted power supply is required.
Really? Well, knock me over with an elephant’s feather and paint me peach.
If only I’d known.
My hard drive is in much better working order now that I have plugged. It. In.

Category: Computing and Web


  1. Funny. Reminds me of the time, back when I thought it might make sense to try a Dell, my bad, back with Mac, that I couldn't figure out why my Internet connection wouldn't work. At this point the Dell had me Black Helicopter paranoid so after an hour of trying to figure it out myself I called tech support.

    Nice guy, but he started loosing patience with me after 60 minutes and he still managed a "have a nice day" after I said, "Oh, hold on a second, the USB's in the wrong port. Hey, works fine now." This, of course, is after my repeated assurances all the hooked ups were rock steady. So sheepish most assuredly.

  2. The thing is, now that I KNOW all the connections are correctly configured (try saying that ten times), I am actually still having problems.

    I write about them above.