Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Memo to torrent release groups

There are certain TV shows that I rely on you guys uploading, and for the fact that you do I am most grateful. However, why even fucking bother with a release if the video stutters all the way through and the audio starts off two seconds out of sync and only gets worse, to the point where I have to stop playing the file every five minutes to add another second’s compensation?

Now, I’m no full-time ripper, but even I can re-encode a DVD to .avi to watch on the train. We all know it isn’t that difficult to leave out the ads, or start at the beginning and end at...well, the end. It isn’t necessary to occasionally fill my monitor with enormous green artifacts, or for the soundtrack to start screeching like a cat’s kicked the digital stylus. I don’t want to watch last week’s episode when the file I’ve put together from 50 RARs is labeled with this week’s title. The point is, it’s not hard, so stop wasting my fucking time with your crappy, half-assed, unwatchable rips.

Because until certain executives get their heads out of their arses and devise a new, worldwide distribution strategy, an iTunes for TV which may well be DRM’d up to the nines but at least provides consistent audio/visual quality, you guys are all I’ve got.


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