Tuesday, August 02, 2005

John Rogers telling it like it is

A terrific post today from the Kung-Fu Monkey about the attitudes and discipline required to carve out a career in screenwriting. Pretty blunt too. Rogers may finish with a rallying flourish:

Know your strengths, your limitations, and most importantly, what you need to accomplish with your writing to feel like you're achieving your art. In short, as cheesy as this is – know yourself.

but he doesn't hesitate to shatter a few rosy illusions along the way.

The piece could be seen by some as totally demoralising, but I actually feel regalvanised. Yes, if one wants to make a career for oneself then it helps to remember that writing is a job and requires all the dedication you possess. On the other hand, you can't do it if you don't love it.

I'm just starting to find that love again after years of self-induced anxiety.

Having knocked around and generally wasted my time in various offices and stores over the years, I now understand that my job is not a sink that I need to pour my self-esteem into every day. After I finished school, I foolishly hitched all my self-worth to the idea that I could become a great writer. Needless to say, I found it impossible to perform under such pressure.

Now it's fun again; and I credit most of that transformation to guys like Rogers, and Alex Epstein, Paul Guyot, John August, Craig Mazin and others. They're the guys doing what I want to do, and telling it like it is and putting all those juvenile inadequaces of mine into perspective.

So thank fuck for the internet, frankly.

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