Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's my party

A well-meaning, anonymous passer-by recently took me to task; rebuked, admonished, castigised and reprimanded me for writing more about my computer problems than screenwriting progress. I thanked him, of course, as good form dictates, and as I have no defense against this charge. The last week has been a stressful time which has seen many daring acts of data rescue. I believe I may have had a mild stroke.

But I am concerned, and hope that no-one is coming here for sparkling pearls of screenwriting wisdom. I am a screenwriting neophyte without credit nor, in fact, finished script to my name and am therefore not to be trusted when, or if, dishing out advice. I do intend to be very open about my progress on Conchie when it gets on track. However, as I ultimately plan to submit the finished script to The BBC's Writers' Room, I wonder how much I can disclose before I begin to compromise the project's chances.

Take it from one who knows that you’re wasting your time if you come here expecting to read wild industry anecdotes. I am neither part of the industry, wild, or particularly well placed here in Chipping Norton to fake it.

What I am is a man with a Powerbook, some software, a blog, an idea or three, several contradictory opinions, a job, allotment, car, bedroom, X-Box, PS2 (and shortly a PSP), a woman who loves me (my mother), a lot of books, unconditional support for Uncut magazine's music recommendations and a belief in TV’s potential so strong I want to write for it. One day.

In short, despite my personal ambitions, it is a bit of a stretch to call this a screenwriting blog. Two very lovely people have been kind enough to call it so in their blogrolls but, you know, the blogosphere is a very large place, roughly the size of Eire, and just because two people have said I'm one thing doesn't mean I can't be many others.

See, this blog was only begun as a means to get me writing more. It has, some of it no doubt utter crap of no interest to anyone. I hope, though, that there is enough entertaining content here to maintain a regular readership and for me to feel like part of a community. Or several communities. As long as my focus remains slightly hazy I'll never become a statesman or ambassador or knight of the blogging realm, but I'm happy skirting many topics and skulking around behind the pack, like Joan Chen at the start of Salute of the Jugger.

Anyway, if I only ever chose to write about one thing then:

1) not many people would come back,
2) there wouldn't be many updates.

So be patient, my brothers and sisters. Keep coming back, look  at the category index; one day or another, as long as I continue banging at this keyboard like a monkey with a grudge, I will write something that's relevevant to YOU.

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  1. I didn't realize there's a rule. As you say, if I wrote only about my screenwriting it'd be boring drivel puked out every three weeks or so. As it now stands with all my non-writing related posts I can puke out boring drivel every day.

    Your blog, you make the rules.

  2. Screenwriting blogs - demystifiying the creative process one puke spattered drivel ridden post at at time.

    I can get behind that.