Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Mid-week. Over the crest of the hill, starting to approach the weekend. I can't sleep this week. I can't get up in the mornings either. I need the week to end.

After two weeks of thirty degree relaxation, I went back to work on Monday in the pouring rain. E-mails everywhere, stuff left undone in my absence, it was lucky some retard had taken my phone off the hook so that there were no voice mails to trawl through.

But. BUT. Two bright rays of sunshine in an otherwise damp and gloomy week.

Number one: we're all getting bikes! We're not being paid enough but there's no money to pay us more. What to do? Why, placate us all with benefits of course. We're being offered our choice of bikes from The Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's own brand Revolution range, which I understand is extremely well regarded. Best of all for the society, as long as they're mainly used for travel to and from work, they're tax free.

So I needn't have bothered buffing up my old piece of junk at all.

Number two: Yvette's quit. That sounds much crueller than it should. I like the crazy Welsh bitch, and I completely understand why she's leaving and hope it makes her happier. It's occasions like this that make me wonder why I didn't decide to write anonymously. Yvette has very strong ideas about how things ought to be done, which will get her far in another setting. One that's not a rural, hippy, comms and internet co-operative. I wish her well.

It's sunny because if I play this well, I could be in line for a nice raise in a month or six. And that's always good.

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