Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Link pimpage

Finally got around to adding all the various links and disclaimers to my sidebar today. There are some really cool sites referenced there; in particular you should check out Orisinal for idyllic, timewasting web-based videogaming; the sci-fi library for a terrific repository of new and classic short science fiction; and seriously, take a look at The Picasso Conspiracy, a mind bending attempt to out the former century's foremost painter as a gnostic, shamanic alchemist. Awesome.

The blog links are predominantly to those of screenwriters. John Rogers is responsible for penning the meme of the moment: the Global Frequency pilot. Based on a comic book by Warren Ellis, I had no hope of the show being any good whatsoever, as I maintain that Ellis hasn't written anything worth shit since around issue forty of Transmetropolitan. Probably because he's let his personality overwhelm his writing but, shit, I should be having half so much fun. The pilot, I am happy to report, is surprisingly good, and should still be floating around on numerous trackers, if you know what I'm saying.

John Gruber is, for my money, the best Apple pundit on the net right now, and his Daring Fireball columns are always a fascinating read.

Merlin Mann is a GTD and Quicksilver fanboy; and his blog, 43folders is packed with handy productivity tips to keep you working at peak efficiency. If you're using a Mac and have not yet, for whatever incomprehensible reason, downloaded Quicksilver, get over there and take a look at his collection of posts. It's an app I couldn't live without - follow Mann's advice, and you'll be hooked as quick as I was.

Why the emphasis on screenwriting and TV when the subject hasn't even come up before? Well, that's for another time.


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