Sunday, July 17, 2005


Following the discovery of some old White Dwarfs and a set of troops during a housemove, my friend Dave has taken up wargaming again, after a lengthy hiatus. Infected by his enthusiasm, I popped into a nearby Games Workshop the other day while waiting for Batman Begins to start ("why go late, when the movies are cheaper during the day?"). It hadn't changed at all since 1990. Sure the staff were different, though I was distressed to find one of them, a sci-fi keen gamer, had never heard of Philip K Dick; then relieved to find the other, a middle-aged lady, ready to warn me of the need to search out white-worm before planting anything on my allotment. Truly, it could be my new home from home!

The only thing that worried me was, in common with comic book/videogame store staff, they quite possibly have mild cases of Down's syndrome. A more charitable man might simply say that they were enthused to be torchbearers for their obsession. I say they're ever so slightly gimpy.

They were, however, effective enough that although I didn't have time to take up the offer of a trial battle, I let slip that I'd always been more interested in painting anyway, so ended up walking out with a handful of paints and an Empire militia to apply them to.

Damn them. Don't they realise my time is precious?

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