Monday, July 25, 2005

Best. Trailer. Ever. Shame about the show.

Channel Four are about to air Lost in the UK. Big fucking deal is the verdict from my broadband and bittorrent supported vantage.

Idiot characters; boring, pointless flashbacks; storylines that take forever to go nowhere; nail-biting anticlimaxes - following the admittedly breathtaking pilot, look forward to a further twenty-two episodes of cock-tease. That bitter taste in your mouth? That's all the excitement, adrenaline and goodwill generated in the first two hours rapidly draining away.

My suggestion to any potential viewer gulled by C4s million quid ad campaign is to watch the fantastic trailer they've commissioned and then forget all about it. In one 60 second spot, the ad, directed by Brett Foraker and David La Chapelle reveals more about the characters and their relationships with one another than the whole of the meandering, improvised and ball-less first season. An even better, voice-over free version of the ad has been aired several times on telly, but that's unfortunately not available on-line.

I'm serious. Don't even bother. And if you think I sound bitter, try this, and this (beware, you will find spoilers).

In far more joyful TV news, Doctor Who has a new outfit!

Also, expect Season Two, or Twenty-Eight if you prefer, to feature the return of Sarah-Jane Smith and Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North; an appearance by Anthony Steward-Head and scripts from Stephen Fry.

I so can't wait!

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