Monday, July 25, 2005

Appealing to their basest needs

I saw a show on TV last night about a scientific study into the psychology of male and female attractiveness.

Essentially, their thesis was this: that no matter how much a woman claims to be looking for her soulmate - someone to make her laugh and feel like a natural woman - all they are really ever psychologically evaluating is the size of our packets and cut of our cloth.

Duplicitous little foxes.

So all those years I've spent lying on my pillow with tears in my ears because I can't find the woman of my dreams are all down to me not dressing for success.

I'm nearly thirty and can't go around looking like a scruff any more, and even though my salary isn't even enough to impress a strung-out middle-aged crack-whore, I can at least attempt to fake it till I make it.

Out go my Etnes and trips to Cult Clothing; hello shiny shoes and the finest tailored threads.

This was all on the BBC, so it must be true.

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